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Common Plumbing Issues Solved

Hi, my name is Clint Hastings and I've written this blog as a source of information about plumbing problems. I like to fix things around the house and through the years, I've learned a lot about plumbing systems and how they work. It wasn't always by choice, but when you wake up to a bathtub full of sewage or your kitchen sink won't drain, you've got to do something to fix the problem. All through my blog, you'll learn about common plumbing problems, troubleshooting tips and how to make simple repairs to get your water running again. Since running water is something that's used every day, I think it's important to know how to fix minor plumbing issues. Not every plumbing issue is simple to fix, so I'll also let you know when it's time to put down the wrench and call a professional plumber.


Car Repairs: 3 Things You Should Never Wait On

Owning a car is something that you probably take for granted until it is broken down on the side of the road. If you are notorious for waiting to get your car fixed until the last minute, then this article is for you. Even though it's understandable that you want to save money and not waste it on your car, there are certain things that you should never ignore. This article will list just three of the auto repairs that you should never wait on; even if you have to finance it in order to afford it.

Check Engine Light

If your check engine light comes on then you should take it into your auto mechanic as soon as possible, because it means that something that could be seriously wrong with your engine. Because your engine is essentially the heart of your car, if you don't treat it right away it could end up costing you a lot more later on down the line. The good thing to know about your check engine light is that it doesn't always mean that it's a massive repair; it could mean that something as small as low engine fluid may be the problem. Either way, make sure that you take it in right away. 

Windshield Repair

Having a cracked windshield is something that many people don't get fixed right away, but you definitely should. Not only is driving with a cracked windshield illegal in a lot of states, but if you get in a car accident it puts you at a greater risk of having the whole thing shatter, injuring you or your passengers. How bad your windshield is will determine if you just need to have a chip filled or if you need to have the entire thing replaced. Your windshield repair company will be able to tell you exactly what needs to be done. 


If your thermostat is reading a little hot or if you notice steam coming out of your engine, then take it into your auto shop as soon as possible because it usually means that there is a problem with your radiator or that you are low on radiator fluid. If your radiator fluid is low then it could ultimately burn out your engine, so you need to keep a close eye on it. 

These are just three of the many repairs that you should have done right away. To learn more, contact an auto mechanic near you.