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What Every Homeowner Needs To Know About Preventing Roof Rot

Roof rot is something that many homeowners do not think that they will encounter. Some do not even realize that they have roof rot until their roofs have been severely compromised. Extensive damages can lead to residential roofing replacements being needed. Roof rot is a type of roofing damage that is caused by issues such as excess humidity,  poor ventilation, and excess moisture. The following points will help you understand some things that you can do to protect your roof against roof rot:


Roof inspections are an ideal way to ensure that you are aware of roof damages in a timely manner. This will aid in ensuring that some of the issues such as moisture or exposure to roofing materials to elements do not wreak havoc on your roof. 


Sometimes roofs experience rot due to repairs being neglected. This is something that routine inspections will reveal. However, it is possible for roofs to get damaged between scheduled inspections. For example, severe storm weather can result in shingle damage or roof tear-offs. Gutters can also get damaged during inclement weather and result in repairs needing to be done to prevent moisture. 

Debris Removal

Some individuals do not realize that debris on roofs can cause significant issues. Fallen branches and other types of debris can aid in moisture settling in specific areas of roofs. This can lead to the roofs deteriorating over time. Navigating roofs is a "tricky" endeavor. This means that you should strongly consider hiring a professional to remove debris from your roof. Keep in mind that you could have small pieces of debris on your roof that cannot be seen from ground level. This is why routine inspections are ideal.

Attic Temperature

If the temperature in your attic fluctuates, it is possible that you might be more susceptible to roof rot. There are a few things that can be implemented to prevent this type of damage.  The approach to fixing this type of issue is ensuring that attics have proper ventilation. 

A residential roofing contractor is a good resource to use to learn more about what causes roofs to rot. They can also offer tips about protecting your home against it. if you live in certain climates and experience roof rot, these professionals might be able to offer advice on choosing roofing materials that are more suitable for your climate as well as making home improvements to prevent future issues. 

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