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3 Warning Signs Your Water Well's Old Pump Is Malfunctioning

If your water well has an old pump, you may be concerned that its age could mean the pump may break down at any given moment. If so, look for the following three warning signs that your water well's old pump is malfunctioning.

Strange Gurgling Noises When You Turn On The Faucet

One thing you may start noticing is the presence of gurgling noises every time you turn on the faucet. If the pump is struggling to push water through it and out into your pipes, you may be able to hear it. 

If you hear the noises coming from your faucet, go out to your well, and listen closely. If you also hear the gurgling coming from the well itself, it is likely that your pump is getting ready to break down. This is especially true if the sounds are combined with the next warning sign.

Constant Air In Your Water's Flow

Along with the gurgling, you may see water sputtering out of your faucet. Or, you may have a strong, steady stream of water, followed by nothing but air.

If this is the case, your struggling pump may be pulling air through the vent to maintain the water's pressure. However, this creates gaps in the flow through the pump, starting a cycle where it has to work hard to pump the air yet needs it to keep the water flowing.

Another possible cause of air in your water lines is that the pump has a crack in its casing. When the pump is running, additional air is being sucked into the lines and eventually makes its way to your faucets.

Brown, Smelly Water

If your water has become brown and stinky, this is a sign that your well pump is pulling dirt and other debris into itself and mixing it in with your water. If your water has become foul, your water pump is no longer capable of giving you clean water.

Dirty water is an emergency situation. The water may contain bacteria and is no longer safe to drink. Your pump should be replaced by a professional as soon as possible.

If you notice one or more of the above warning signs, you may need to have your old pump repaired or replaced. You may want to check out sites like and contact a contractor that specializes in working with well pumps. They can inspect the pump and offer suggestions on whether to fix the problem or replace the unit entirely.