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Home Have Poor Water Quality? Know Your Filtration Options

Have you had your water tested, and discovered that it is not the best quality for drinking? If so, you'll want to start looking into a water filtration solutions for your home. Thankfully, there are many options available to work for your home's specific needs.

Whole-Home Filtration

The best way to guarantee all of the water in your home is filtered is by using a whole-home filtration system. The filter is placed on your main water line before it splits off to other areas of your home. It ensures that all of the water going to sinks, showers, and your hot water tank has been processed. While this is a great solution if the contamination is coming from a municipal water source or your well, it will not provide filtration for the water after it passes through your old galvanized plumbing.

Contact a local plumber regarding the costs of equipment and installation for a water filtration system of this size.

Under Sink Filtration

Many homeowners decide to just filter the faucets that they drink water from, which means using a filtration solution for their kitchen sink. A popular option is to have a filtration system installed under the sink, which processes all water coming through the water pipes. You'll need a filtration system for each sink, which means having multiple systems if your kitchen has two sinks.

While some homeowners can install these units on their own, it could require professional help to get it done.

On Faucet Filtration

There are water filters that attach directly to a faucet, which filter the water as it comes out. The units are quite bulky, but are simple to install, remove, or replace down the road. Since these units filter the water at the very last step before you drink it, it will filter all minerals that could be contaminating the water, including the problems caused by older plumbing in your home.

Water Pitcher Filtration

The cheapest solution will be to purchase a water pitcher that has a built-in filtration system. Let the water pass through the pitcher as you fill it up with tap water, and all the water inside will be filtered. This solution requires no installation, but is very difficult to process water through the filter when you need to use a lot of it for cooking.

By understanding these 4 options for water filtration, you can select the best one for your household's needs. For more information, contact companies like Bishop Plumbing, Heating and Cooling.