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4 Rustic Water Runoff Gutter Designs

When big rainstorms pass over your home, it's important to keep rainwater away from the house and draining to a different location. This can help prevent standing water, flooding basements, and leaks on the foundation of the house. If you have drainage problems on your home, then it's a good idea to contact gutter replacement contractors to set up a new system. Along with the new gutters on your home, you can have a system that adds some rustic charm. The following four designs can be implemented into gutter systems and all have rustic features that blend modern technology with the style and simplicity of the past.

Rustic Downspout Designs

The gutters on the top of your roof are connected to downspouts that help carry the water away from the roof and the foundation of your home. When choosing a downspout design, you can select something that is creative, rustic, and blends in with other design decorations of your home. A shaped downspout is one of the more popular designs to choose from. Instead of just a straight pipe, the downspouts can feature curved designs, connecting shapes, and whimsical features that still guide the water away. Look for shaped downspouts for a copper finish for a more rustic look on your home.

A number of rustic downspout animal designs are also available. For example, you can connect an animal downspout outlet to the end of the gutter. The designs often feature the water protruding from the animal's mouth. Common designs feature frogs, fish, and lions. Rustic finishes includes weathered paint, stone designs, and handcrafted elements. A gutter contractor can install these features so that the water flows correctly and your can enjoy the design element on your home.

Rustic Stone Paths

One of the best ways to help run water away from your home is with a stone path. Rustic stone paths feature collections of stones that are lined up to create a beautiful look on your landscaping. When the weather is nice out, the stones create a great path for you or pets to walk along. When the rain comes, the rocks provide a natural creek for the water to run down away from your home.

When contractors install a rustic stone path on your home, it will be sloped away from the home so that the water flows naturally. The sides of the path will often feature larger rocks to prevent puddles or excess water on your lawn.

Recycled Barrels

When shopping at flea markets or antique shops, keep your eye out for rustic barrels. These barrel designs can be used to recycle rainwater from downspouts. The gutter system can be set up so that all the rainwater runs off directly into the barrel. After the storm is passed, the extra water can be saved and used to water trees or other plants in your yard. It also provides a natural bath and water resource for birds, squirrels, and other wild animals that you want to see in your yard. The rustic design of a barrel pairs well with copper downspouts.

Garden Trench Moats

Add a rustic look to a garden in your lawn by digging a trench that resembles a classic moat from ancient times. Trenches are often dug for areas that experience heavy rain. Gutter contractors can lead the runoff of your home to a trench that has been lined with rocks. It's a good way to contain the water and create a rustic look for your garden. The size of the moat depends on how much rain you get and the size of your garden. Adding plants around the moat is a great design option that will add some nice visuals to your landscaping.

The center of the moat is a great area to display garden centerpieces like statues, plants, or even a bench. Much like the rustic barrel, a garden moat also provides extra water resources for wild animals that visit your home.

By expressing your wants for a rustic design, gutter contractors like Allstate Gutter & Siding can present different designs and products they offer. This can help you brainstorm and make a final decision on your home's gutter design.