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4 Amazing Vessel Sink Designs For Your Bathroom

Are you looking for the perfect bathroom accessories to transform that area into a spa-like oasis? If so, consider installing a beautiful raised vessel sink on your new countertops. Vessel sinks provide the bathroom with a unique artistic touch that complements and contrasts the spots and knobs used for the faucet. You can find these sinks in a number of interesting materials and patterns that will match or offset your existing color scheme and decor. Check out the following options for ideas.

Fused Glass

Glass artists from around the world create fused glass vessels by hand. The final product is a gorgeous blend of color blocks and swirls that look amazing in the light. The patterns created in the manufacturing process are truly one of a kind.

To create the glass sink vessel, artists apply heat to the edges of glass fragments to fuse them together. Artists heat up the sheet and flatten it using a slab roller. To create the final vessel shape, artists place the glass over a slumping mold in their kiln and heat to between 1100 and 1300 degrees Fahrenheit. Fused glass sink vessels come in nearly any shape imaginable, though circular and rectangular shapes are favored over the rest.

Metal Inlay

Sink vessels made with a gorgeous precious metal inlay are insanely popular today due to their elegant appearance. Artists may create the sink base out of ceramic, glass or wooden materials. A small amount of the base material is carved out to create the divots needed for the metal inlay.

Melted metals, such as copper, bronze, aluminum, palladium, stainless steel or even silver and gold, are used to fill in the divots right up to the edge. Artisans sand the vessel smooth to eliminate seams between the base material and metal inlay. A strong sealant is applied to the surface to protect the materials from wear caused by water flowing from the faucets.

Hand Painted

Artists can create beautiful scenes, abstract works and imaginative patterns on ceramic vessels using pigmented glazes. Artists skillfully apply the glazes to the finished ceramic structure before sending it through the kiln again. The color goes on first to create the designs, and then the artist finishes the work with a coat or two of clear to protect the finish. The result is shiny finish that lasts for decades despite constant contact with flowing water.

Molded Textures

Glass and ceramic sink vessels can also be shaped by hand to create a series of fun textured patterns in the surface. The textures may range from organic patterns, like scales and bumps, to geometric figures, like triangles and stars. Some artists even like to mimic the look of fractals, which are complex repeating patterns found throughout nature. The look of the textured materials pairs well with a smooth, single color finishing glaze that highlights the nooks and crannies.

Finding Your Perfect Sink

Consider how the patterns and colors on each sink design will look when paired with your countertop, flooring and tub or shower surround materials. You can use a color wheel to identify material colors that complement and contrast each other beautifully. For example, bronze colors in the vessel sink look wonderful set against complementary tones, like red or yellow, or contrasting tones, such as blue or green.

Only use a few loud colors or patterns to avoid making your bathroom appear too busy or overdone. If you have a pressed texture sink, use a smooth countertop to make the vessel design stand out. Alternatively, you can install a smooth hand painted vessel over a single color textured countertop to create an attractive bathroom display. Make sure the fixtures match your overall design as well by selecting silver for cool tones or bronze for warm color schemes.